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Unhealthy Toxin in Everyday Drinks

This article found in the business section of the NY Times addresses an unhealthy substance in many everyday beverages consumed by Americans. This substance, brominated vegetable oil, is included in PepsiCo drinks such as Gatorade and Mountain Dew along with CocaCola drinks such as Powerade, Fanta Orange, and Fresca and has been linked to, “neurological impairment, reduced fertility, changes in thyroid hormones and puberty at an earlier age.” Brominated vegetable oil was recognized as “generally unsafe” by the F.D.A but continues to be put into these beverages to balance the citrus flavor. This article really accents the fact that we cannot truly trust what we are consuming on a daily basis


Tax Rate Discussion ctd…

In this NY Times article a different vantage point was taken regarding the future of America’s tax rate. The article puts the future of American tax rates on Speaker John A. Boehner. Boeher is responsible for collecting enough votes from Republican house members that supports the future deficit reduction plan that he and President Obama agree on. This plan, as the article states, “will help define the president’s second term, and his legacy.” Following Boehner and Obama’s meeting, Obama, “reduced his call for $1.6 trillion in additional revenues from the wealthy over the first 10 years to $1.4 trillion.” However, the Republican position on the issue demands a $600 million dollar decrease in the policy. Obama states that taxes are inevitably going to go up, it’s just a matter of who they are going to go up for. Obama thinks it makes more sense to tax higher-end people. This debate has been going back and forth for a while now and Democratic senators think that it will extremely hard for a decision to be made before Christmas and not making a decision before the New-Year deadline could be a detriment towards Obama’s approval ratings.

Tax Rate Discussion ctd..

This article found on furthers the discussion regarding President Obama’s implementation of lower taxes to the middle class. Last time I checked, a top Republican senator proposed that the party would succeed to Obama’s wishes to increase taxes on the upper class. In this article Obama said he was “pretty confident that Republicans would not hold middle class taxes hostage to trying to protect tax cuts for high-income individuals.” The President’s main wish is to see that the tax rates of the middle class do not increase on January 1st. When asked about his meeting with Speaker John A. Boehner, Obama stated that both parties want to make a deal work. All it’s about now is agreeing on a structure.

Tax Rate Discussion

This article in the NYT talks about the meeting that President Obama and Speaker John A. Boehner had regarding Obama’s demand to raise tax rates to benefit Medicare and Medicaid. Although details of the meeting were not given, a top Republican senator proposed that the party should succeed to Obama’s wishes to raise the tax rate. However, Boehner told reporters that a no signs of a deal were made between the two. It will be interesting to see how this plays out between the two parties.

Snow Dialogue (41-52)

I found this dialogue between the Director of the Institute of Education and the “tiny man” very revealing of the glaring problem in Kars’ public sphere. At first the tiny man was polite and seemingly harmless when he first addressed the director. The director was standoffish and short sentenced towards the man. However, the conversation escalated when the tiny man asked how the director could, “reconcile God’s command [of allowing women to be educated] with this decision to ban covered girls from the classroom?” The director responded that he lives in a secular, or religiously neutral, state that has banned covered girls from the classroom. This led the two to debate the rules of a secular state and how it has cancelled out God’s law. Later in the dialogue the tiny man states that the reason that these girls wear head scarves is because it reduces the likelihood of them getting raped which led me to question whether a girls innocence is above her education. 

It is later noted by the nameless tiny man that reason these girls have committed suicide is because they are not educated. However, if they took their head scarves off, they would be educated. This led me back to my question. Would girls rather be raped or commit suicide? But if girls took off their head scarves and the rape rate increased, would more or less girls commit suicide on account of these rapes? 

These were some of the questions that came through my mind while reading.

Demographic stereotypes confirmed

These exit polls found in show that the demographics that Obama and Romney were predicted to get votes from were confirmed. More males voted for Romney, while more females voted for Obama (I wonder if Romney’s binders of women comment had anything to do with that). 93% of African American voters voted for Obama (as expected) while Romney received the majority of Caucasian votes. 60% of voters ages 18-29 voted for Obama while Romney received the majority of votes from voters 45 and above.


As October comes to a close, it is safe to that Mitt Romney is sad to see the month go. At the the beginning of the month Mitt Romney was amid the biggest deficit he has experienced throughout his candidacy. According to Nate Silver’s “Five Thirty Eight Forecast“, Mitt Romney had roughly 130 less electoral votes than Barack Obama and was 6% behind Obama in the popular vote. However, on October 12th, Romney trailed Obama by only fifteen electoral votes and .4% of the popular vote. This rise was primarily in part to Romney’s success in the first debate. The rise has subsided since then and Romney now stands behind Obama by 2% of the popular vote and 40 electoral votes. At the beginning of October, Obama had nearly a 100% chance of winning the election. On October 12th, his chances of winning were 56.1%. 

Being the month before the election, October was a good time for a Romney surge. However, despite his surge, he was never once ahead of Obama in any of Nate Silver’s polls. As it stands now Obama has an 80% chance of edging out Romney in the election. Despite the numbers, election day can come with many surprises and watching this one play of will be interesting.

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